24 Irish Bishops to be questioned by the Pope over child abuse.

Pope Benedict began questioning the Bishops of Ireland today over child abuse which is widely believed to have been taking place for more than a half century.

Last year, investigators in Dublin found evidence that confidential files had been kept on more than 100 Parish Priests suspected of sexually abusing children going back as far as 1940.

It will be very difficult for the Bishops to argue that they knew nothing
of the abuse when the files were locked in the ArchBishop of Dublin’s private vault. The Catholic Church has been accused of burying its head in the sand where child abuse is concerned and for moving priests believed to be involved in sexual child abuse out of the public view.

The current period under review are the years 1975 to 2004. If the Catholic Church is to regain credibility they will flush out those responsible and have them stand trial and face the same punishment handed out to other perverts and deviants. Wearing a Roman collar shouldn’t be seen as a “get out of jail free” card.

While they are at it, they need to adequately compensate the victims whose lives have been ruined by these selfish men. Representatives of the current victims are seeking $1.37 Billion dollars in damages.

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