Abe Pollin Laid to Rest

Mr. Abe Pollin, owner of the Washington Wizzards, was laid to rest today. Since his passing on Tuesday, hundreds of people in the District have been expressing their grief in print and over the airways.

By all accounts, Mr. Pollin was one of life’s true gentlemen. It was said that only a very small portion of the charitable acts he carried out are known as he gave willingly without any desire to be recognized.

Those of you who are regular readers of the bulletproof blog are well aware of the way in which we value loyalty and ethics. It behooves all of us to try and emulate a man like Abe Pollin.

Mr. Pollin is quoted as having said; ” I believe in handshakes, not contracts”. He was a man who valued people above paper. How many of us can honestly say the same thing? I see and hear so many stories of people who trample over others in their quest to pick the fruit of the money tree.

During SEXTON training courses we constantly stress the importance of relationships, loyalty, discretion, living by your word. These are the qualities that will not only help you achieve success but by which you will be remembered and revered.

I heard one young man calling in to a local radio station yesterday and say that he felt like a member of the Pollin family, so great was Mr. Pollin’s involvement in the revitalization of Washington D.C.

Our condolences go out to all the Pollin family and extended family at this time.

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