Q: My friend told me that she is being stalked. I am very worried for her safety. Are stalkers dangerous or just a nuisance?
A: You are right to be concerned for your friend’s safety. Stalkers are people with serious mental disorders. The ones we tend to hear about most often are the cases involving celebrities. We all know what happened when John Lennon’s stalker followed him home and the ex-Beatle did not have any security around him. I have dealt with many cases and most people would be horrified to discover the thoughts that go through a stalker’s mind. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING…

Q: We have an employee who has made a series of threats to co-workers. He boasts about having a gun. We are considering terminating his employment. What should we do?
A: Employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees. While you seem to have reasonable grounds to suspend or terminate this person, you must at the same time ensure that nobody is harmed if he becomes violent. Workplace violence is a serious concern for companies of all sizes. Workplace violence is defined as: any conduct in the workplace which causes an individual to fear for their personal safety, the safety of their co-workers, family, friends and/or property. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING…

Q: I think that an employee may be stealing from my company. I called the Police but they said they needed more proof before they could get involved. They suggested that I contact a private investigation company. How can I find out what’s going on when I am not there to watch?
A: Even though a case may be criminal in nature – such as in the case of an employee stealing, with all of the known and pressing problems that the Police have to handle on a daily basis, they usually do not have the manpower to act on a “hunch” or suspicion. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING…

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