Resources – Executive Protection and Security WorldWide

Sexton Executive Security has partnered with a number of strategic alliances around the world to provide uninterrupted security coverage for clients traveling or doing business overseas.  These partners can provide a host of facilities such as armored vehicles, secure conference rooms, interpreters and more at their locations.

Itineraries/Intel Reports are closely monitored in order to update the client every step of the way. Real-time updates such as weather conditions, social unrest, political upheaval, etc., are conveyed to the client before arrival and to facilitate a strategic change of plans.

Closer to home, SEXTON consultants work with an array of specialists to facilitate security conscious clients to implement the following:

  • Covert safe rooms in their homes to protect their families
  • In-ground and heat activated sensors
  • Surveillance equipment that allows clients to view residences and offices in real time from any where in the world
  • Electronic “sweeps” to detect listening devices in order to ensure the integrity of confidential meetings.
  • Computer forensics
  • E-mail tracing