“The Networking Community has selected John Sexton and Sexton Executive Security to manage our event security for one reason. Their reputation is five stars. It is rare to experience consistent personal networking expertise within the security industry. Sexton Executive Security is the one exception. Thanks John for your first class, high quality support.”

April 22, 2004
Dan Williams, Founder, The Networking Community & highest endorsed individual in North
America (LinkedIn) and is the acknowledged thought-leader for networking in the United States.

“My experience with John has been exceptional. I have found him to be a reliable, focused individual. He is
a committed and industrious person with a high level of integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

September 23, 2004
Sam Schwartz, Executive Director, BNI Northern Virginia, National Director, BNI-Israel, BNI-Hungary, BNI-Romania

“I truly appreciate John’s attention to detail, confidentiality and diligence. He is a big picture thinker which is a critical competency in his industry. There is truly no other security company or individual that we would work with and we highly recommend the services of Sexton Executive Security.”

September 23, 2007
Tonya Fitzpatrick, Esq.
, Deputy Assistant Secretary at U.S. Department of Education/CEO at Travel’n On Media Productions, Travel’n on Radio Show /President at Bronze World Travel

“John is a detailed professional who can easily communicate with others outside his fields of expertise. His ability to understand our concerns and respond to them accordingly has helped our company better address the needs of our clients.”

October 2, 2007
Oy Bill Lieu, R.A. Principle, Architect at The Lieumann Firm/ Architecture
“John and his team at Sexton Executive Security have provided their services for Vienna-Tyson’s Region Chamber of Commerce for the past few years. The competency and professionalism is exemplary.”

October 29, 2007
Billy Thompson, Owner at ALL STAR MOVERS/Past President of VTRCC
“I’ve known John for about 3 years now. I had him on my radio program twice, where he was a subject matter expert on security issues. There is no doubt that his experiences all over the world make him and his company an authority on every aspect of security. I’ve learned a lot from him just from the radio programs, and I can only imagine the valuable expert advice any company would receive if they engage with John. If I’m in need of security services of any kind, John and Sexton Security will be who I call.”

October 16, 2007
Brian Roberts, CEO at Croix Connect

“Particularly when you’re based in Europe it’s a great advantage to have a trusted partner and consultant in the USA. John Sexton will be your ally in all kinds of Security matters. He was always punctual in responding to my e-mails and I’m sure he will protect you and your affairs in a very professional way, as he did for me.”

Femme-Michelle Wagenaar, Owner at PhoneVision International

“I expected a lot coming to this course from everything I read online, but I was blown away with everything I learned. I was really surprised having three subject matter experts teaching the class and topping it off with writing your own text book for the course. I didn’t learn anything I already knew and have looked over the text book and my notes many times over the past week. All of the training and Field Exercises were excellent in how you all critiqued us to help make us better. The hours were very long but expected.

It was a great experience and it’s the best course you can take to start in this industry. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I would just like to thank you guys again for giving me an opportunity to learn from you”.

Sgt. Daniel Burke, Richmond, VA

“After several months of research I chose Sexton Executive Security. As a former law enforcement officer, I was amazed at how much I did not know about Personal Protection. John Sexton and his instructors are beyond professional and knowledgeable. The training was worth every dollar. If you are serious about a career in PPS the training is invaluable. I highly recommend this school”.

Joe R Gutierrez PPS, PI.
Norfolk, Virginia

“Having spent several months researching Executive Protection, I decided to attend the Sexton Executive Security International Training Academy. Let me start by saying, this was one of the best business decisions I have made in some time. The training I received from John Sexton was even better than I had expected. It was professional and grounded in real world experience from a staff with years of experience in law enforcement, military and private security. The curriculum, staff and operations at Sexton gives anyone wanting to enter the world of Executive Protection and Corporate Security a real leg up on the competition. I would not hesitate to recommend Sexton Executive Security to anyone looking to enter the profession of Executive Protection or enhance their education in Private Security, Security Consultation or Investigations.”

Greg Stone, Sterling Virginia
Sexton Executive MVP award winner.

Mr. Sexton, Thank you for welcoming me into the brotherhood of the Red Branch Knights. You are really top notch guys in my book, and I would go to bat for anyone of you any day, BELIEVE THAT…..I just want to thank you again for the knowledge and wisdom you brought to your teachings. I really learned a lot these past seven days, not only from you, Jerry, and Hector, but from my classmates as well. I am proud now and will always be proud, to be a part of the Red Branch Knights…. ”

Edward Rashard Frost, Washington D.C.