Sexton Executive Security is a trusted name – not just in the United States, but around the World.  Our clients’ satisfaction is clearly seen from their glowing testimonials.

Trust is the keystone to the service we provide.  There can be no higher endorsement than a client who places their life and the lives of their loved ones in our care.  In turn, we pledge to protect our clients with our very lives.  They have our unyielding loyalty and dedication.

  • Our word is our bond. Every service we provide is conducted exactly as spelled out in our professional services contract.
  • Loyalty. Once we agree to provide a service(s) for our client, we are fully committed and are there for them for as long as we are needed.
  • Discretion. Our clients know that confidentiality is paramount to every service we provide.
  • Integrity and Ethics. We only accept assignments that compliment our strong sense of Integrity. We safeguard our clients’ interests by adhering to best practices and high ethical standards at all times.
  • Training. Our personnel excel due to their experience and unique skill set. This emphasis on excellence is constantly reinforced through regular training and attendance at specialized seminars and conferences, nationally & internationally.

Innovation. We work with clients to achieve success. We are adept at finding solutions to the most difficult of problems.