The added value of training

As I prepare the Executive Protection course manual for our upcoming E.P. training program in New York City, later this month, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with one of our graduates from the Las Vegas class last December.

The student had traveled from Oregon, where he is employed as a State Correction Officer. Our graduates come from varying backgrounds – sometime they are already employed on a full-time basis and may be exploring a career change or preparing for retirement.

Other times they are in need of employment, or may already be working in security, but looking to take their career to a higher level. This is a very intelligent strategy, since one can literally go from a position paying $14 or $15 an hour to one paying $25 – $35 an hour domestic ($50 – $70 an hour for overseas assignments).

This young officer contacted me last month to let me know that he had submitted the forms we helped them all to complete – the official government forms from the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which qualifies all of our graduates to become registered as official Personal Protection Specialists (PPS)by the Department.

What he said next should be of special interest to all of those considering taking our E.P. training and who ask; “will my State recognize the training”?

Apparently, Oregon thinks so highly of the Personal Protection Specialist training which is certified by DCJS, that graduating from our Las Vegas training course in December qualified him to receive a higher level pay grade and he has also been awarded a position of security manager.

This of course is all a huge bonus. When he completed our highly acclaimed 7 day training program, the young officer was elated to have gone through the intense course with his fellow colleagues and to have learned philosophies and strategies unknown to him before.

What will your State think of the PPS training? Probably quite a lot, as Oregon already does. The Commonwealth of Virginia regulates the security profession and holds it to a very high standard as evidenced by the establishment of a Government body such as the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is widely regarded as the leader when it comes to regulating private security. Other States who enforce strict regulatory control inlcude; California, Florida and Texas, to name but a few.

Attending a highly respected and proven E.P. training school and becomming registered as a VA PPS, is equivalent to attending an Ivy League collee like Harvard or Yale in the academic world.

That is one of the many advantages of training – taking your career to a higher level and getting on the “Fast Track”. Not only will you learn a wealth of information that will hold you in good stead throughout your career, but you’ll have an ivy league list of contacts that you can call upon for assistance and advice over the years.

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