After being fired by Bad Pitt, Mickey Brett joins list of washed-up bodyguards

Hollywood must produce more washed-up bodyguards than the Florida coastline does driftwood. The difference being, you could probably find some use for the driftwood.

Mickey Brett, former “bodyguard” to the Pitt/Jolie family is about to “write” a tell-all book after getting fired last year. Actually he appears to have hired a “ghost writer”. Which is not all that surprising.

It’s a pity that these types get assistance in their low-life pursuits. It would be more interesting if they were made to write it themselves. Now that would be funny. It would probably also be very short, contain few words of more than one syllable and would have a lot of pictures – most likely drawn in crayon.

For the life of me I can not understand why celebrities hire so many ill-trained, ill-mannered thugs to “protect” them when they turn out needing protection from the very ones they hired in the first place.

With all of the good companies out there, it should be an easy enough decision. They should be spoiled for choice. One wonders from whom they are receiving advice.

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  1. Susan S. says:

    You are too funny. Where do you come up with this stuff?

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