AirTran Airways charging extra for fat suitcases

It seems that there is no end to the way in which airlines will find to charge us to help their bottom line.

I was checking my bag on AirTran Airways this morning at Dulles airport when the ticket clerk told me that my bag looked too wide and he would have to measure it. He told me that if it was not in compliance, there would be a $49 surcharge.

Mind you, I had already paid $15.00 for the suitcase when I checked-in online the night before. Fortunately, my suitcase has zippers all around it and I was able to zip it up to slenderize it.

As I stood there watching the clerk record the dimensions of my case with a tape measure, I could only hope that my week’s worth of clothes was not going to force me to pull out my credit card.

We are constantly being told by airlines that they have to charge more due to the high cost of fuel. We’ve had to put up with foodless flights, charging for pillows, weighing bags and now measuring the width of a bag. What is next, a color surcharge?

The days of stuffing a case to fit everything in appear to be gone. Unless you don’t mind paying extra. In any case, you’d better not leave home without your credit card. You never know what you’ll be asked to pay extra for these days.

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  1. Jerry M says:

    Having already paid 25 bucks each way for my most recent trip, I figure that the overweight passengers who bring as much carry on as possible are getting a free ride. You can imagine my surprise when the last leg of my trip was delayed so the baggage handlers could load 25 bags of sand onto the fully loaded plane to "even out the weight." Next time I'll mark my luggage as sand and see if it will help them out a bit.

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