Another airline bombing attempt?

The attached article from The Huffington Post of a Nigerian male setting off some type of explosive on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit yesterday, raises as many questions as it does concerns.

Early reports state that the man made claims that he was acting on behalf of Al-Qaida. While bringing down airlines is something that A.Q. are known to be interested in, there appears to be something nearly retarded about this man’s approach.

According to eye-witness reports, the Nigerian seemed to have ignited something which burned his clothing and legs. Brave passemgers in the vicinity overpowered the man until he could be handcuffed and immobilized.

It is being said that tighter controls at airports will be enforced as a result. Bomb-sniffing dogs should greatly assist when it comes to detecting explosives.

For those involved in air travel over the holiday period, extra time should be factored in when it comes to checking in for security screening. the heightened alert is bound to mean much longer and slower lines than usual.

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  1. protector1 says:

    This is a glaring disgusting spotlight as to what has happened to our country's protection of its citizens from the known enemy out there.
    1) this guy was on the so called list, yet boarded.
    2) this guy bought a one way ticket for cash(no challenge) I would like to see you do this without challenge
    3) this guy had no luggage
    4) this guy was coming from Nigeria via Yemen, come on, do I have to hold the hand through these clues
    This is utterly rediculous. Yet we will pay more for security, have more security measures to detain us(all good if we really use them).
    5) by the way, the dogs can't sniff petn but had they gone to the level 2 check of this guy, they would have discovered it(using the swab method)

    Will our authorities stand up and admit to bungling this, admit to incompetence, and start getting competent people to work these areas or continue to operate as they did with hiring 1500 people to manage the clunkers program months ago that still havent finished that program.
    We citizens need to stand up and shout enough is enough. Passengers should not have to be the heroes to protect us while we travel, we pay for professionals, lets get some!

  2. John Sexton says:

    I'm sure we will find out more information in the coming days and weeks, but what is transpiring at this stage does not look good. Apparently, both the FBI and the CIA had received Intel about this man being a credible threat. If that is true, the Commander-in-Chief needs to ensure that every shred of evidence is investigated fully and those responsible should be hung out to dry. Eight years and Billions of dollars later and information is still not being shared? I fear that we are not getting further away from a terrorist incident on U.S. soil, but drawing ever closer to the next one.

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