Are U.S Border Towns Turning into Drug Battlegrounds?

I don’t know if this ABC news report is accurate when it says that Washington is only concerned with terrorists, but it would seem that Drug Cartels are starting to terrorize Southern cities in the U.S.

To those who say; “it’s alright since it’s drug on drug crime”, think of all the shootings and killings of innocent victims in this country everyday who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Also, if these brazen criminals think that Law Enforcement is turning a blind eye, how long will it be before they start targeting wealthy Americans and dragging them across the Border for ransom?

The U.S./Mexico border becomes more problematc by the day. As the tourist industry dries up, there is no doubt that the criminal element will become far more vicious, this is already evident.

The recent kidnapping, torture and murder of a decorated General - his bodyguard and driver in the resort town of Cancun, is proof that nowhere is safe in Mexico. I bet that very few ever gave a second thought to their safety in these well known and popular resorts.

It is now time to be having those second thoughts.

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