Aren’t the TSA Trained in I.D. Identification?

If someone told me this story, I’d have a hard time believing it myself.

I was flying out of State recently and in accordance with regulations, I brought a Government issued I.D. card with me to get through the security checkpoint.

The TSA agent looked at my Department of Criminal Justice Services I.D. and asked if I had any other I.D. such as a passport. I replied that I did not and that I did not need a passport to fly to Florida. I assured him that my goverment I.D. was sufficient.

Apparently he was not impressed by the Govt. issued security I.D. stating my credentials. He told me to step back and let the other people through. He was then joined by a female TSA officer. He whispered something to her about my I.D. and they called for a supervisor.

I was about to tell the supervisor that Goverment issued I.D.s were acceptable forms of I.D., but thankfully he already knew that. He told them to let me proceed.

Are you feeling safe yet?

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