Ask not What We Can Do for You – Ask What YOU Can Do for You

Sexton Executive Security are preparing for their summer ’09 Private Investigation training class.

The one thing we have noticed,a common denominator of sorts, is the fact that a large number of would-be applicants for the training class are asking about a “guarantee” of future employment.

I have answered in excess of 125 e-mails and a few dozen phone calls this past 10 days – just as a first step and a high proportion of those writing and calling all want to know how soon they can be working after finishing the class.

I wish there was a way I could address everyone thinking about a career in security and reach them all at the same time. My answer would be; “There are no guarantees”. Is that strange?

I don’t think so. How many of you who went through 4 or 6 years of college and spent tens upon tens of thousands of dollars on college fees actually received a guarantee of a job upon graduation? Did the college arrange to have hiring companies standing by to sweep you off your yet unemployed feet?

The Security Profession makes for wonderful careers, but it’s like the rest of life -it is what you make of it. I have many colleagues who charge clients hundreds of dollars per hour for their service. Yes PER HOUR. It took them many years to build up to that level, but it is very attainable.

My motto is; “if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen”, but be prepared to put in a lot of sweat equity. You will not get there sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

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