Back from Training

I have been missing in action these past two weeks due to our intense training program.

We had 12 action packed days of entry level & advanced handgun training coupled with our highly acclaimed Personal Protection Specialist Course. I am glad to report that we had a first rate class of students. The youngest was in his mid 20′s and the most senior was a Police Officer who is retiring from service later this year.

I applaud these latest graduates for taking the stand and undergoing training in these tough times. Eventhough none of us (not even the smartest financial minds in the country) knows when this recession will subside, there can be no doubt that one day it will.

When that day arrives, clients will once again be willing to spend money and be less afraid of the future. E.P. agents need to be able to show current and professional training credentials when that day arrives.

Another reason to train now is due to a higher level of competition. With more and more qualified people out of work and chasing after fewer jobs, candidates need to do everything possible to give themselves the edge and to beat out the competition.

Speaking of qualifications, I saw something very unsusal today. I was looking over the qualifications of some people listed in a local executive protection association here in Virginia and noticed that one person who owned an E.P. business had actually no formal training or government issued credentials.

Those of you thinking of working for a security company or giving a training school your hard-earned dollars for training, MAKE SURE you check them out and find out what qualifcations THEY have. If they can not demonstrate years of experience and certified qualifications, then walk away and find someone who can.

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