Baltimore City Mayor found Guilty of Embezzlement

On December 1, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, was found guilty by a jury of embezzlement. CNN has more on the story.

The guilty verdict came as a result of the Mayor being indicted back in January on 12counts including; perjury, theft and misconduct. This all stems from Mayor Dixon asking a land developer (who was involved in a development deal with the City – imagine that)by the name of Patrick Turner to “donate” $1,000 worth of gift cards for the needy.

One of the gift cards which the Mayor is alleged to have used for her own personal use was a $500 gift card to Best Buy. Call me crazy, but I would have thought that needy families could better benefit by a gift card to their local supermarket rather than thinking of picking up a wide-screen television.

After the guilty conviction, Mayor Dixon had the audacity to make the following statement; “I remain focused on keeping Baltimore on course in these trying ecomomic times” and “we won’t miss a step”. I would think there are a lot of needy families in her City who would say she is way out of step and out of line.

If I were the Baltimore City Council, I’d be asking the Mayor to submit to a drug test since she sounds like she’s been smoking some of that stuff that her D.C. counterpart, Mayor Barry, got into hot water for using.

Ms. Dixon’s legal troubles are far from over. She returns to court in March to face a second trial for her alleged financial disclosure violations and perjuries. Sounds like Ms. Dixon may have forgotten to tell some people (like the IRS) about those gifts she “re-gifted”.

The smart money is betting that Uncle Sam might have a problem with that.

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