Be careful what you say, it could lead to your termination – or worse

The media last week was buzzing with the news of General McChrystal’s removal from command.

Apparently, his meeting in the Oval office could have gone one of two ways. Firstly, he could have taken an ear chewing, been wrapped on the wrists and told never to speak to magazines like The Rolling Stone or the Enquirer again. This is the result that many of us expected.

Then there was the other scenario. He could offer his resignation (which probably would have occurred in either scenario)and the President could accept it, which he did. It appeared as if most of the media expected the latter decision. It seems they knew the President would flex his muscles and show who was the Big Boss.

The McChrystal incident is not that far removed from the world of E.P. Most of us who have been out and about know people who are a liability because they talk too much. There are Agents who I would not consider for a fraction of a second, because they have loose lips.

It really is a small world afterall. If you go around talking about a Principal or to a Prnicipal about a colleague or your employer, it will get back. I gurantee that sooner or later your indescretion will be made known to those you never thought would come to know.

You don’t even have to get caught out by giving an interveiw to a glitzy magazine. At the end of the day, do you really know to whom you are talking? A few hours ago, news broke that ten Russian spies had been arrested within the U.S. Do you know that the person you were talking “shop” to was not manipulating you?

It’s called social engineering. We use the tactic as do many investigative firms. Female investigators are the best – or female spies/terrorists/bad guys.

The old saying goes; “loose lips sink ships”. I think it is more appropriate to say; “loose lips lead to pink slips”.

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