Be careful what you say – you never know who may be listening

I was researching some civil and criminal records at the courthouse this afternoon. As I waited in line, I observed the court clerk giving an attorney a hard time over filing some papers.

After he left, she turned to her colleague at the adjoining window and told her; “I can’t stand that man, he’s such a weasel”. Now, far be it for me to try and convince a court official that a lawyer(s) is not a weasel. Indeed, there are plenty in society who would agree with her wholeheartedly.

However, that is not the point. The point is that she acted in a very unprofessional manner and it could have easliy been avoided. She had no right airing her opinions in front of a member of the public.

Maybe that attorney is a very capable professional. What if he specialized in an area where I might need his services? Everytime I see him I will have only one thought in mind – “weasel”.

If you are representing your employer or a client, be very careful what you may say and what may be overheard. There are certain individuals that I would never hire again, once I discovered that they gossip and spread rumors.

They say that loose lips sink ships. I believe that loose lips lead to pink slips.

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