Be careful when hiring security for the Inauguration

I’ve been hearing and reading about security people looking to work in Washington D.C. for the Inauguration. Those looking to protect clients would be well advised to think twice.

The D.C. traffic is quite hateful at the best of times. How will non-locals be expected to negotiate roads and routes that have been closed and detoured?

One major concern for anyone looking to come to work in the area should be the local laws. Will you be properly licensed and insured to work in the area? Won’t you be a liability to the client if you are not?

In an earlier posting we discussed compromising one’s integrity and ethics. How is it possible to work in an ethical manner if one works illegally? Since every hotel in the District of Columbia is said to be sold out, many clients will travel in from Maryland or Virginia.

In order to protect a client in the Commonwealth of Virginia, one must be registered as a Personal Protection Specialist with the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Failure to hold a registration while engaging in executive protection is a criminal offense – punishable by a $2000 fine and/or 12 months in jail.

Clients: For your safety and liability sake, insist on using personnel who are employed by licensed security companies and steer clear of freelancers. If something goes wrong or if their status is ever challenged, it could not only cause you embarrassment, but could lead to a criminal prosecution.

There will be a lot of amateurs looking to “cut their teeth” in January. The wise will leave it to the professionals.

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  1. Devaraj says:

    Yes I too agree with your point of hiring professionals, freelancers won’t be a good option. Now a days only few clients go with security at times, but most of the clients have their team or have tie up with agents who accompany them where ever they go, even cross countries, so there the rules might change, but they believe only these.

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