Blackwater shooter to be charged with Murder of Iraqi Vice President’s Bodyguard.

According to the Seattle Times, the former Blackwater employee who allegedly shot and killed the bodyguard of the Vice President of Iraq in 2006 will finally be brought to Justice.

In a story previously discussed in this blog, Andrew Moonen of Seattle was said to be drunk when he shot and killed the Iraqi bodyguard at a checkpoint inside the safety of the Green Zone during the Christmas of ’06.

Moonen claimed that the bodyguard shot first, but witnesses did not hear any shots other than the three which came from Moonen’s weapon and were discharged into the victim’s chest.

Blackwater’s response was to hustle him out of Iraq the following day and pay $20,000 to the victim’s family. Moonen’s lawyer, Stewart Riley has confirmed that his client has received a letter from the U.S. Attorney’s office outlining their intent to charge the ex-Blackwater employee.

This latest action probably comes too late for the victim’s family to take much comfort from it, but hopefully it will send out a message, albeit belated, that the United States Government does not harbour murderers, even if some employers would rather cover up a crime.

It is ironic that Moonen was an armorer for Blackwater. Presumably his lawyer will not try to blame the shooting on an “accidental discharge” when Moonen could easily be classed as a firearms “expert”.

As one of our instructors is fond of saying; “there is no such thing as an “accidental” discharge. The correct terminology is; a negligent discharge”.

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