Bodyguards and Bullets in Costa Rica.

If you are thinking of hiring Personal Protection Agents while visiting Costa Rica, be careful not to hire trigger-happy gunslingers.

A recent story in the Sports Examiner of the marriage between NFL Quarterback, Tom Brady and Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, highlights how their recent ceremony nearly ended in disaster.

According to a couple of photographers (who claim to have had Brady’s permission to take the photos), the bodyguards opened fire on their vehicle as they were leaving the wedding. The Examiner shows a picture of the alleged vehicle complete (or incomplete) with a blasted out window.

When hiring an individual or team for protection, it is always best to go through a known contact. This is even to be recommended in the U.S., but it is imperative for travel overseas.

Most of the smaller “one person”, or part-time companies will not have a large list of overseas contacts, but the companies who specialize in Executive Protection will have trusted contacts in different cities and countries around the world.

Why take a chance on unknown individuals in a country where training and licensing may be suspect or non-existent? Make the arrangements before you travel and that way you have more chance of accountability.

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