Bomb making Materials Brought into Government Buildings without being Detected

CNN ran a story yesterday that was also covered by the Washington Post about how investigators were able to bring bomb making materials and assemble them inside of Government buildings.

Some of the buildings they were able to penetrate without being detected included; Homeland Security, Department of State and the Department of Justice.

In one of the video clips, a security person in uniform can be seen sleeping in a chair at what appears to be a check point. The Federal Protective Services are in charge of more than 9,000 Government buildings.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the private security companies which FPS sub-contracts much of its security to get blameed for this poor security. Maybe some or many of them are even responsible.

At the end of the day though, the FPS is repsonsible for hiring security companies who will properly carry out their duties and for supervising them to ensure that they do.

It is deplorable to think that people would be able to walk around government buildings with potential bombs and have the time to be able to assemble real bombs in the bathrooms of these buildings.

Another disturbing aspect of this is the thought that terrorists are going to be able to access these news stories. They do not need to be rocket scientists to realize that sleeping security officers make their mission easier.

If you are being paid as a security officer and you are sleeping at your post, keep in mind that one of these times you might not wake up. If you are not prepared to take your job seriously, find another line of work. A mattress tester springs to mind.

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  1. Jerry MacCauley says:

    The fact that security is anything but, I'm surprised how we haven't had more tragedies in public buildings. I'm sure the perception of security does prevent many of the potential troble, but eventually some smart, nefarious group will simply conduct there dry runs and pull off another "unforeseeable" act.

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