Can you hear me now?

I was listening to WTOP drivetime on Thursday during the usual evening rush hour traffic when an intresting topic caught my ear. They were talking about a recent study conducted by the University of Utah.

It seems that there is a direct connection between slow and sluggish traffic and people using their cell phones when driving. According to the researchers, when people are on their cell phones in their vehicles, they drive more slowly and are less likely to change lanes eventhough it would help them to move along faster.
This has a knock-on affect on all traffic and slows down the pace of traffic.

This is just one more reason for banning cell phone use while driving. I say this as someone who constantly uses their phone while driving. As long as the law allows it, we will do it. Of course there are those who will break the law once it is enacted, but it will definitley cut down on the ritual.

How many times have you been behind someone who is driving dangerously slow and who appears to be in a world of their own, only to find out once you pass them that they were oblivious of the other traffic due to talking on their phone? Even those who argue against the law, saying that it is a violation of our rights, must admit to seeing careless driving from time to time by people on cell phones.

Think about it, there must be a good reason why many other States and many other countries have already banned the practice.

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