Careful – you just might be hiring a "brutal rapist".

So, you want to hire a bodyguard? Who should you call – your brother-in-law, your high school buddy, a sexual predator? I can hear you gasp in shock eventhough the ink has barely had time to dry on the paper. Read down through this blog and you will see how some people make strange hiring decisions.

Ricky Hatton is a boxer from Britain. He has hired another boxer to be his bodyguard, or as they often say in the U.K., his “minder”. Ricky’s “minder”, John Paul King, was unable to accompany his employer to Las Vegas last weekend for Ricky’s WBC welterweight bout against Floyd Mayweather. The reason King could not attend was due to his having to stand trial for triple rape during the time when he was working for Hatton. King will not be attending any other fights any time soon after being handed down a life sentence.

Shame on Ricky Hatton and anyone else who hires a guy based on his size and/or brute strength. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Hiring a thug is bound to lead to trouble – costly lawsuits and bad publicity are but a couple of examples. It is no wonder that Kevin Hallinan, the former Major League Baseball security director warns against hiring bodyguards, because many “hire their brother-in-law or a friend of a friend”.

While we understand Mr. Hallinan’s comment, he should have gone on to say that if you need to hire an executive protection agent, make sure you hire one with credentialed training and experience. If someone broke their leg, of course they shouldn’t go to a “friend of a friend” to reset it, (unless that person is a qualified doctor)but at the same time, they should not be warned against getting their leg set in place.

Indiana Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley, recently decided that there are too many dangers out there facing professional athletes today. He now has a Personal Protection Specialist accompany him everywhere he travels. How does it make him feel? “It’s a blessing”, he was recently quoted as saying.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You do need to becareful that is for sure, even when the security company is well known. For example the security company Elite they are security for events and high profile people ect. such as: Golden Globes ect. Public records show the president of the company having disorderly conduct in Conneticut’s criminal court cases and violating a person’s civil rights in New York Southern District Court cases. I learned my lesson. I just want others to becareful and do a thorough check up on who you hire.

  2. John Sexton says:

    We continuously advise on fully checking out whomever you hire – and security companies are no exception. In some States, security companies do not even have to be licensed or insured. For an unscrupulous owner, it is quite easy to set up business in an otherwise respected and trusted field. Some say; “when in doubt, check them out”. We say; “check them out and have no doubt”.

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