How does your resume measure up?

I have written about the importance of resumes and cover letters before.

Unfortunately, we still receive countless resumes from people who should be reading these pointers. If you have the time to send out resumes, especially unsolicited resumes, you should also have the time to compose a decent cover letter.

There is no excuse for sending someone a blank e-mail without even bothering to put anything into the subject line. As an employer, I can promise you that the quality of resumes we are receiving are getting better by the day. You can thank the economy for that.

It is not just happening in the U.S. The Washington Post last Sunday ran an article about the how hard the financial crisis is hitting the middle classs in Ireland. For those who were unaware, the Irish economy has been shooting through the roof this past decade or more. It was even christened the “Celtic Tiger Economy”.

That is not the story any longer however. An unbuilt McDonald’s over there has already stopped taking resumes for its 50 positions after receiving 500 resumes. That is not the remarkable part though.

The resumes had been submitted from bankers, accountants and architects. We are not even advertising Investigator or Executive Protection positions available, yet we are receiving resumes from people with Post Graduate degrees.

For those who know how to properly submit a resume and cover letter and who are waiting to be called for an interview, visit and read the pointers that our friend Hucky gives for interview success.

To the rest of you; do you still feel comfortable sending out those coverless resumes that leave a potential employer scratching their head as to what you want? I hope not. You should be doing your utmost to answer every company’s main question; “What can you do for us?”