The Dangerous Life of a Bodyguard

This article by The Global Times makes it sound as if those leaving the military in China are afraid to work in the Executive Protection field.

Which is the opposite mindset of former military personnel in the Western Hemisphere. As an E.P. Training Academy, we are constantly receiving resumes from former American, British, Australian and Canadian soldiers, to name but a few, who wish to work as E.P. agents after they have served their time.

None of these applicants ever express any concern about the dangers associated with protecting executives, celebrities or bodyguarding in genral. Could it be that the military in China is more “wimpy” than here in the West?

If that is the case, we stongly suggest that anyone who is need of a Protective Agent while travelling through Asia – especially China, should contact a well know firm in their own country or from a firm in another counrty which travels to those locations.

The last thing any client wants to see is the bodyguard’s back as he/she runs from danger in an effort to save themselves at the client’s expense!