Training your way out of financial difficulty

My apologies to all of our readers for a lack of recent articles but we have been conducting an intensive Personal Protection training course in the Baltimore area and were concentrating on our new class of Executive Bodyguards.

Many of our students come from Police and Military backgrounds, with some still serving in those capacities. Last Friday, Police Magazine wrote an article about our training and how it was suited to those with a background in security. The editor asked me how attendees utilized the training once they graduated.

There are some who wish to train as Bodyguards as a career change, while others get into the profession as a way of advancing in the field of security and to be able to command a higher salary. That made me think about those who train to become Executive Protection agents so that they can work on a part-time basis. I recently read that many people who find themselves in financial difficulties during these trying times would be able to “stay afloat” if they could find a few hundred extra dollars every month. Of course, their regular jobs aren’t going to give them a salary increase all of a sudden, so they must go out and do something to bring in that extra money.

Now there is another reason for people with the ability to further their education and training, not only to land a decent job, but to help them weather the storm during difficult periods like the present economic climate.
What better investment could one make than by investing in themselves?

Now that I’m back, I promise to pay attention to those security related items that might have escaped your attention. If you have anything you’d like to share, please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about it.

Snoop Dogg’s out-of-shape bodyguard

Last week was my “WJFK Radio week”. I was listening to the Sports Junkie’s morning radio show on Friday as I drove to an event. They happened to be talking about the entertainer, Snoop Dogg.

A couple of the D.J.’s were commenting on the singer’s reality t.v. show and the fact that he did not appear to be doing that well, financially speaking, since he was living in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. One of them then mentioned that he was still quite famous since he employed a Bodyguard.

That was the part that got my attention and made me call in to the radio show. Being the owner of a security company that hires and trains bodyguards, or as we prefer to call them: Personal Protection Specialists, I was put on the air right away.

I had seen an episode of the show that took place inside a gym. Snoop Dogg was trying to take up Yoga and his bodyguard was right there with him on the floor. His bodyguard was an immensely unfit looking individual who appeared to be 150-200lbs overweight. The poor man was so unfit that he had difficulty getting up from the floor and was visibly huffing and puffing simply from the effort of getting up on his feet.

As I told the radio show, he was not the type of individual who would be hired by Sexton Executive Security, at least not in his current unhealthy state. How can one be expected to protect a client if they are in such poor health? having a big overweight guy like that for protection is all for show.

Thankfully, most clients these days realize that they need to hire personal protection agents for their professional abilities and not for the fact that they eat like Sumo wrestlers. Unfortunately, many in the entertainment industry still seem to prefer brawn over brain.