You could drink a "sex on the beach" in Dubai, but doing the real thing could land you in Jail

This Yahoo news story highlights what can happen when Westerners forget that Dubai is not like other cities.

Just because non-muslims are allowed to purchase and consume alcohol in hotel bars, doesn’t mean that the authorities take kindly to drunkeness. Now, couple an afternoon of binge drinking with hanky-panky on the beach in a muslim country and you have the makings of a jail-house cocktail.

This type of behaviour is one of the reasons why we have decided to conduct executive security training in the U.A.E. Our security agents need to know exactly what type of behaviour is permitted and allowed in a society and by the citizens of that society when they travel abroad.

Inexperienced agents or those who have not been properly trained could cause a client to cancel a contract or at the vry least make it uncomfortable fr that agent during the course of the engagement. Security employers owe it to their employees to enkighten them as to the ways of their clients even if foreign tavel is not anticipated.