Nice one, Dick!

I was delighted to hear the latest news on WTOP radio tonight on gun control in the District of Columbia.

Apparently, Vice President Cheney is calling the District’s ban on gun possession “unconstitutional”. This is the first time the V.P. has gone against the Administration. The V.P. joins 300 senators and representatives who declare that the ban on guns goes against the second ammendment.

Owners of licensed security companies are sure to be singing Dick’s praises tonight. Washington D.C. is known worldwide for it’s lawlessness and drive-by shootings. One wonders if there is a criminal anywhere in the District who does NOT own an illegal gun. Yet, law-abiding citizens and business owners whose very livelyhood depends on their having access to concealed weapons, are prohibited and restricted from properly carrying out their trade.

Who in their right minds would think that the same highly trained and experienced gun owners (many of whom have law enforcement and military experience) who carry their weapon in nearby Maryland and Virginia are not capable of doing the same in the District of Columbia?

Hopefully this discriminatory law is about to be changed. When it does, maybe then guns will not be outlawed and not only the outlaws will have guns.