Why Your Mother Should Not be Your Bodyguard

I was flying back to the D.C. area the other week when I ran out of my own reading material. To pass the time, I truend to the in-flight magazine.

I don’t usually care to read about 19 year oldcountry/pop singers, but the interview with TAYLOR SWIFT caught my eye.

When asked about her fears, Ms. Swift admitted that she was scared of being alone in a dark parking lot and walking to her car. Honest answer, but my question would be; “why would you even put yourself in that situation”?

Ms. Swift comes across as a very down to earth person without any of the airs and graces we usually associate with famous singers and actors. That is great, but going overboard to prove how “ordinary” you are is not always going to be the best policy. Especially when you are no longer ordinary.

Folks, the world is full of crazies. Not a very P.C. thing to say, is it? When you have been involved in security for a few decades and have worked in war zones and mean streets around the world and have seen up close and personal the bad things that happen to good people, you have little time for being politically correct.

John Lennon was the epitome of Peace and Love. He was a brilliantly gifted musician and song writer. If all was right with the world, he would never have been shot in the back and killed on a New York city street.

Ms. Swift stated that she just wants to blend in an didn’t want “four giant security guards” walking into her local Nashville restaurant behind her. She then declared that she brings her mom with her a lot and tries not to be alone. If you are in the field yourself and reading this, you’re probably feeling the same as I did.

Thankfully though, Ms. Swift does realize that there are alternatives to being followed by “4 giant security guards”. She continued by saying that if she does have security, she tries to have a detail that completely blends-in and nobody even knows they are there.

Thank you Ms. Swift for that last minute touch down….I was begining to think that the game was lost, but you rescued it.

Now let your mom enjoy the show and have your guys who blend-in keep an eye on her too.