Sleep more and live longer

An interesting study was discussed on WTOP radio today.

It seems that two Swedish doctors conducted a sleep study between 1987 and 2006. Their findings have been published in the New England School of Medicine’s records.

They discovered that 5% more heart attacks were recorded the Monday after clocks go forward. At the same time, there were less heart attacks documented on the Monday following the weekend period when clocks go backward.

The findings indicate the importance of getting a good night’s rest. When the clocks are set forward an hour, people lose an hour of sleep. That was the time when more heart attacks were found to have occurred.

In the field of security, it is not always possible to get enough rest. Many times it is necessary to work a 12 hour shift and then drive home afterwards. If this is the case, the officer/agent should make sure that he/she gets adequate rest when they are off duty.

Unfortunately, there are other elements that add to a less than healthy lifestyle such as; drinking a lot of coffee, not eating balanced meals, lack of exercise, etc. Armed with the knowledge that sleep is so vital to our health, it is more important now than ever to ensure that we are taking proper care of ourselves.