The importance of choosing the right security team to "watch your back".

The recent bad press that Nicole Kidman’s bodyguard brought down upon himself is once again bringing the profession under the microscope.

Eventhough they do say that there is no such things as bad publicity, it would make you wonder when you take a look at the recent Kidman case. As a personal protection specialist, there are things that you can do, other than resorting to violence.

We teach common sense principles at our executive protection course and one of our readers, Cory, made me realize that we should probably be mentioning those ideas here so that readers will get the other side of the story.

For those just thinking about breaking into the industry, be advised that acting like a thug is not the way that true professionals behave. Yes, I would have thought that a major star like Nicole Kidman would be able to hire the best of the best but some of her friends might have “known somebody who knew somebody” as the old phrase goes.

There are celebrities who act like they do not want the attention when they really do. Those are the difficult ones to protect. If a celebrity really wants to be left alone, members of the protective team can make it seem as if they are taking the celebrity out one door, but that is just a decoy and the real celeb goes out another door unnoticed.

It is also possible to agree to an organized photo session so that the various papers and magazines get all of the shots they need and they do not have to resort to chasing vehicles down,risking serious injury an maybe even death.

Beating up a camera person or interviewer is never allowed. If the Police get involved, most likely the security person would be charged with assault. The reports we hear about on the internet or the news usually only mention the incident, not what happened to the over-zealous security person once the case goes to court.

Which goes to show you, when you need to hire a security person, do not rely on the referral of a friend who might know someone whose cousin just got out of the army. Use the services of a professional security company and verify their training and experience. All good companies will be able to document the credentials of their employees.