D.C. Police Chief Admits that Charlie Sheen Escort Violated Department Policies

In his article in the Washington Times about the Charlie Sheen Police Escort,  Matthew Cella quoted MPD Police Chief Cathy Lanier as having admitted that the Sheen escort broke multiple department rules.  No offense Cathy or Matthew, but those of us in the Executive Protection field realized that, the minute we saw crazy Charlie taking a cell phone picture of the speed odometer, documenting for the world to see that the D.C. Police cruiser in front was pushing 80 miles an hour, 30 miles outside of their jurisdiction.

I do have to say, that Chief Lanier sounded very honest and open during the WTOP radio interview this afternooon when talking about how one of her “middle managers” (“probably a Lieutenant”, she said) wrongfully authorized the problematic escort of a Hollywood celebrity.  I was about ready to give her a “thumbs up” until she began justifying why her officers would have broken the rules.   

Chief Lanier went on to tell the interviewer that it wasn’t really that surprising that her officers went outside of their jurisdiction, sped and drove with their emergency lights flashing.  “Afterall”, she said, “Police are only human and we can’t expect them not to be awe struck when dealing with celebrities”.  What you talkin’ about Cathy? 

Yes, Police Officers are human, but no – they are certainly not like the average citizen.  They go through a different training, have broad sweeping powers that regular people do not share and have the ability to take another’s liberty and even life, if necessary.  They should damn well be held to a higher standard and we should expect far more from them than we would do from a 13 year old girl waiting for a “Bieber appearance” outside of a concert hall.  

I would wager that if you took a survey of all Executive Protection Agents (definitely all E.P. Agency owners), they would tell you that when they are hired to work in close proximity of a celebrity, they are not “awe struck” by that person.  If I ever discovered that one of my bodyguards had broken the law or embarrased my company or themselves on an E.P. detail, that would be the last time they would work for me.  The ironic thing is that when it comes to private sector Executive Protection, most Agents are more highly trained and experienced than local Police Officers.         

Apparently, the Metropolitan Police Department rules allows officers to perform escort duty for The President, Vice Prez, visiting Heads of State and the Mayor.  I sure am glad that I am not an MPD “middle manager” trying to figure out which category that “Tiger Blood” Charlie fits into. 

Are we Guaranteed a Job?

We are currently receiving many requests regarding our 7 day Executive Protection training program in Las Vegas from 12/6 – 12/12/09.

One of those people e-mailed me today and asked; “After we finish our training at SEXTON, are we guaranteed a job?” I told him that it was a good topic for a blog, so I hope he’s reading.

My first response is always; “there are no guarantees in life”. Those training schools who are promising jobs upon graduation are probably the very ones who will never send you on a single assignment.

At SEXTON we hire approx. 50% of all of our graduates over the course of time. Not everyone will be hired the first week. We would have a far higher rate of hiring course attendees if the GRADUATES themselves returned phone calls in a timely manner and made themselves more available.

Here is a secret that we tell those who enroll in our courses; YOU are the one responsible for your future and YOU are the one who can ultimately make or break you. In every single class, we have graduates who do not bother sending in their paperwork to become registered and to be able to work legally.

To make matters worse, we are one of the few schools who bring all of the necessary paperwork to the course, show them how to complete it, assist them to properly complete it – making sure they do not make mistakes, fingerprint them and take a digital photograph (that will be required by the Department of Criminal Justice Services to receive the PPS registration).

Bottom line, if you go through our E.P. training program and you are serious about working as an E.P. agent, I guarantee that you will get work.

Of course there is a big difference between “thinking” you want to do this job and actaully doing it.

Death of "The Most Trusted Man in America".

I didn’t know that much about Walter Cronkite, but after the announcement of his death yesterday, I have come to envy him. The New York Times’ fitting tribute to “the most trusted man in America’ gives a glimpse of some of the highlights of his professional career.

It is not the fact that Mr. Cronkite is being praised as a first rate journalist and reporter that is so remarkable – it is the total absence of anything negative being said about him that seems so rare.

If we compare this news to the announcement of Michael Jackson’s untimely death two weeks ago, they are worlds apart. While Michael Jackson was highly regarded as a performer, he led a troubled and dramatic life.

What higher accolade could one wish for then to be regarded as the most trusted man in the Nation? What greater legacy could a father leave behind for his family? Whilst every politician would dearly love to be thought of in this way, which one in living memory could?

I hope there is a particular E.P. agent out there paying attention. We had an agent agree to work over the weekend and then the day before he was supposed to start, he changed his mind. Was it due to illness…family problems…did his engine blow up?

None of the above. He became upset that his fellow colleague received the directions to the asssignment before he did. The most incredible part – he is a former Marine who had served in Iraq.

A lesson for all of you considering a career in security – when you give your word, live up to it. Do it the right way – the Cronkite way. You may never be considered as the most trusted person in America, but I guarantee you’ll be considered for work every time an assignment comes in.

“And that’s the way it is”.

Will Mexican Crime Terrorize Citizens on the U.S. Border?

Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance
The U.S. public used to be in danger of a kidnapping/ransom scenario when overseas. It’s getting so violent on our southern U.S. border that now kidnapping and ransom insurance is being offered.

I recently began to take a closer look at kidnappings in the U.S. along the border with Mexico when approached by a client who was looking to be protected by SEXTON E.P. agents.

The nerve and daring of these Mexican drug gangs is very disturbing. Probably even more disturbing is the fact that Law and Order South of our border could be more appropriately termed; “Lawlessness and Disorder”. It would appear that if criminals can not pay off Law Enforcement personnel, they just kill them.

We are very fortunate to have such professional Law Enforcement officers on our side of the border. Still, they can not be everywhere all of the time. It is very disturbing to learn of the many cases of U.S. citizens being grabbed in areas like Southern Texas and Southern California and taken across the border.

If you are wondering why they are being allowed through the border, the answer is painfully simple. Border officials are concentrating on traffic headed North to the U.S. and not vice versa.

Visitors to these areas who may not have considered themselves to be in any danger are encouraged to be very aware of their surroundngs. Businesses operating along the border, or who have reason to travel to Mexico, are advised to exercise extreme caution where their employees/managers/executives are concerned.

Threat Assessments and Risk Management policies should be conducted and re-visited on a regular basis.