New online sign-up for P.I., Executive Protection and Firearms Training

Sexton Executive Security is pleased to announce that applicants for any of our training programs; Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Private Investigator or Executive Protection/Personal Protection Specialist, can now apply directly online.

Our newly restructured website will allow applicants to register and pay for training courses, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.  In addition, we will soon have training manuals, e-books, unique SEXTON items (t-shirts, shooting caps, mag lights, etc) for sale via the new “shopping cart” feature of the site.

There will also be a section where employment opportunities, discounted training courses, overseas events, etc., will be posted.  Only SEXTON graduates will have access to this area, which is an added benefit of going through our highly acclaimed training academy.

If you wish to find out if you qualify for one of our training programs and to receive the rewards that membership in our exclusive graduate club offers, e-mail us at; and mention code; TR11.

Why a guaranteed passing grade is not a good thing

There is a conversation going on at the moment over on a LinkedIn security site. Since it may be of use to current and future Executive Protection Agents, I thought we would take a look at some of the points raised.

Firstly, I would like to say that if making security is a long-term career goal for you,then you should take the time to research “LinkedIn” as it could be instrumental in your choice of careers (not just security either – with 75 million members, I believe that all industries and fields are represented).

The question was asked last week regarding the failure rate versus passing rate of students undergoing Executive Protection training. If you are new to the field, you may not be aware of the various schools, their licensing, topics taught, scenarios delivered or employment opportunities available.

While nobody wants to fail a course, especially one that you have had to save up in order to attend, it takes away from the value of the certificate awarded if anybody off the street is allowed to pass the training, just because they paid their money.

We do not have reason to fail many students, since the great majority know what they want, have made the sacrifice to attend training and give their all over the 90 + hours of instruction. Every once in a great while though, someone comes along who for one reason or other, is not cut out for Executive Protection and we have to remove them from the training.

We do not let them continue as it is unfair on the other students who are being forced to slow down by this one person, or be otherwise distracted. When we make the decision, we calculate how much time is left and refund them the portion of the remainder of the course.

This is the ethical thing to do. Not only does their attendance interfere with the other students’ training, but by allowing someone to pass and graduate who does not fully grasp the requirements and seriousness of the job, that school is endangering all Agents and Clients who come in contact with that one problem Agent.

Unfortunately, most of us know of someone like this who was “rubber stamped” by some other training school because they either didn’t want to lose the revenue or were afraid of being sued if they turned someone away. Many of us went through training programs and were told that not every one would make the grade, yet all did, even the one(s) that everybody knew did not belong.

Some schools would have you believe that there is no need to fail people since they screen potential students so well. I say; Rubbish. I have seen students with no previous security experience (but plenty of life experience), who make first rate protectors. Screening them or someone else with 15 years of documented security experience, will tell you very little about that person.

The only way a school could be fairly certain whether a potential student would fit into a training program would be to submit them to a barage of tests – psychological and personality testing the likes of which Police candidates experience. I have never heard of a school doing that. Perhaps a proprietory training program would, but only for those they were interested in hiring.

Don’t be afraid to attend any school who are particular about who they train and pass. Embrace the fact that they don’t take their money in one door and send them out the other door with a certificate, whether they deserve it or not.

Why waiting for work is not a good idea for Bodyguards.

I was talking to a graduate of the Sexton Executive Security E.P. training program today. He lives on the West Coast and went through our California class in 2008. He was fortunate to have attended the class where Tom Taylor guest lectured about high profile clients and assignments.

When he went through the training, our graduate was running his own company, but was thinking of changing careers. As we do in all classes, we went into the importance of networking and discussed various business and social media sites it would be advatageous to join.

We also introduced the attendees to buisness owners who were our associates and who would be eager to call them when assignments came in as they knew the level of training these Agents would receive.

Fast forward two years and the graduate has left his other line of business and is now in urgent need of employment to pay bills which don’t stop because one’s lease agreement has ended. This graduate was one of the stars of the training week by the way, and all of the instructors were confident that he had what it took to succeed in this business.

I reminded him today why he should have followed our advice and made the contacts – even if he only did part-time work here and there, he would have started to build the foundation of his network. He realizes now his mistake. Of course I couldn’t leave him to starve, so I gave him contacts and assured I would drop them a line and tell them to put some work his way. That’s what you have to do for your folks.

The morale of the story? Don’t wait until you are in desperate need of work to look for work. Have you ever heard that you don’t go out shopping when you are hungry? Same idea. Sow your seeds today, but give them time to germinate and mature.

Jack and the Beanstalk was a make believe story.

Erin Andrews seeks support on Capitol Hill for Stalking Bill.

ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews visited Democratic and Republican members of Congress and the Senate yesterday to speak out in favor of new Anti-Stalking legislation.

Ms. Andrews, herself a victim of stalking, was “putting a face” to the horrific crime which victimizes thousands of women a year. Although men can also be stalked, the crime is more prevalent amongst women. It is estimated that 1 in every 12 women will fall prey to a stalker.

As a security firm providing Executive Protection services, Sexton Executive Security is well aware of the damaging effects that stalking can have on a victim. Once independent, successful and outgoing people can become virtual recluses, not wishing to venture from their door step.

As Ms. Andrews rightfully pointed out, it is not just celebrities who are stalked by distrubed individuals. The majority of vitims are normal, every day regular citizens who happen to come under notice by someone with deviant desires and preoccupations.

One of our clients was stalked after a mentally disturbed individual observed her in a coffee shop, on her way into work one morning. In his mind, they “connected”. In reality, she never even noticed him. One of the tools we utilized to determine how dangerous a threat he may be, was to have an expert study his handwriting.

This led to some incredible revelations. Firstly, the expert was able to determine that the stalker was jealous of the victim’s husband. When he wrote her surname (and therefore, her married name)the ink became heavier, which meant that he was angry.

The most disturbing discovery however, was the fact that the handwriting expert determined that the stalker was capable of violent acts and should he strike (most likely the husband), he would probably want to get up close and personal and would most likely use a knife.

Stalking is serious and should never be taken lightly. When you work stalking cases, you get to see inside a sick person’s mind and it bears little resemblance to the world in which most of us inhabit on a daily basis.

New International Executive Protection Agents

The graduates and instructors of SEXTON’s International E.P. Training Program arrived back in Miami yesterday from 7 days of International Training.

The successful graduates performed admirably during reality-based scenarios in; Cozumel, The Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

The International Training Program (I.T.P.) was designed to give E.P. agents international knowledge and real-life experience to better prepare them to handle international assignments.

The training team was interviewed by Carl Gilchrist from “The Gleaner” newspaper in Jamaica. Mr. Gilchrist was extremely interested in the unique training experience that SEXTON brought to Jamaica.

After conducting the exclusive interview, Mr. Gilchrist was treated to a hands-on demonstration of the agents “at work”.

The students successfully protected Principals from possible assaults in Cozumel from terminated employees, from street crime/violence in Jamaica and surveillance/ street attack in Grand Cayman.

“I would be proud to have these graduates protecting our current and future clients”, stated John Sexton, Director of Training for Sexton Executive Security.

Do you have what it takes to be a Private Investigator?

Time is running out for those considering a career as a Private Investigator.
We have had more than 100 people looking to be trained as Private Investigators by Sexton Executive Security.

Those who have been accepted into the program come from throughout Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York and overseas. Like us, they realize that the field of security offers a level of job security that is next to impossible to find in today’s worsening economic times.

The worse times become, the more theft, embezzlement, employment fraud, workman’s compensation cases will surface. That in turn means more work and more money for trained P.I.s.

I am glad to report that women are finally seeing the great opportunity for them as private investigators. We (and many other companies) have need for Nothern Virginia investigators, Maryland investigators, D.C. investigators and even International investigators.

Unfortunately, if you are thinking of signing up for our last P.I. training course (certified by DCJS)of the year, you will have to settle for having your name placed on the “stand-by” list as the industrious applicants have taken all of the seats already.

It’s a case of “the early bird catches the worm”, or more realistically; “the early to regisiter receives first class training and receives the coveted “SEXTON” stamp of approval!

Ask not What We Can Do for You – Ask What YOU Can Do for You

Sexton Executive Security are preparing for their summer ’09 Private Investigation training class.

The one thing we have noticed,a common denominator of sorts, is the fact that a large number of would-be applicants for the training class are asking about a “guarantee” of future employment.

I have answered in excess of 125 e-mails and a few dozen phone calls this past 10 days – just as a first step and a high proportion of those writing and calling all want to know how soon they can be working after finishing the class.

I wish there was a way I could address everyone thinking about a career in security and reach them all at the same time. My answer would be; “There are no guarantees”. Is that strange?

I don’t think so. How many of you who went through 4 or 6 years of college and spent tens upon tens of thousands of dollars on college fees actually received a guarantee of a job upon graduation? Did the college arrange to have hiring companies standing by to sweep you off your yet unemployed feet?

The Security Profession makes for wonderful careers, but it’s like the rest of life -it is what you make of it. I have many colleagues who charge clients hundreds of dollars per hour for their service. Yes PER HOUR. It took them many years to build up to that level, but it is very attainable.

My motto is; “if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen”, but be prepared to put in a lot of sweat equity. You will not get there sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

Piracy at sea is becoming rampant

The following Yahoo story about the latest Pirate attacks off Somalia shows just how vicious these vermin are becoming.

As a result of these ongoing attacks, Sexton Executive Security Training has decided to launch our Maritime Protection Course in San Diego in mid December. Being an operational firm as well as a training academy, we are aware that not many executive security personnel have received any training for protecting clients who have their own yachts.

The course will cover the various areas of the vessel, how to check for explosive devices that may have been placed by persons with ill intent, how to recognize and thwart a water borne attack, how to protect against underwater attacks, etc. Dangerous times call for extraordinary measures and clients can not afford to take their safety for granted.

Any security personnel or yacht owners who would like to find out additional information, may reach our training unit at; or toll free by phone at; 1-866-290-0007.

Danger in Dubai?

Those who come to Dubai could be forgiven for thinking that this is an Oasis in a peaceful desert. In reality though, they would do well to remember that this Oasis is located in the middle of a volatile region.

I came to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates a week ago to promote an International Executive Protection course that we are holding here later in the summer. While it is true that most citizens in the U.A.E. are law abiding, there is potential here for opportunists to turn that around. Anyone who spends anytime here, especially in the vicinity of Dubai, will see that it is an extremely wealthy area.

I was talking to an ex-pat business man last night at dinner and he made the comment that a friend of his could not get the attention of the Valets at a local club recently because he was “only driving a Porsche 911″. The valets were too busy finding premium parking spots for the Bentleys, Aston Martins and Ferraris. This is why Sexton Executive Security is opening an office in the U.A.E. We believe it is only a matter of time before cunning criminals realize how much money they could make from kidnappings, stealing luxury cars/chop shops and a host of other crimes.

Then yesterday morning something else happened. One of the Embassies released a terrorist alert warning for the U.A.E. Despite the fact that this is the Middle East, alerts like this are not common. Afteralll, this is a shopper’s paradise where vistors can spend thousands of dollars on a hotel suite for the night. Now we have begun to compile a list of Executive Protection Specialists with current passports who are available for International assignments.

Don’t let the bright lights fool you. This is not Kansas Dorothy. Keep your eyes open and like they used to say on Hill Street Blues; “let’s be careful out there.”

Snoop Dogg’s out-of-shape bodyguard

Last week was my “WJFK Radio week”. I was listening to the Sports Junkie’s morning radio show on Friday as I drove to an event. They happened to be talking about the entertainer, Snoop Dogg.

A couple of the D.J.’s were commenting on the singer’s reality t.v. show and the fact that he did not appear to be doing that well, financially speaking, since he was living in a normal house in a normal neighborhood. One of them then mentioned that he was still quite famous since he employed a Bodyguard.

That was the part that got my attention and made me call in to the radio show. Being the owner of a security company that hires and trains bodyguards, or as we prefer to call them: Personal Protection Specialists, I was put on the air right away.

I had seen an episode of the show that took place inside a gym. Snoop Dogg was trying to take up Yoga and his bodyguard was right there with him on the floor. His bodyguard was an immensely unfit looking individual who appeared to be 150-200lbs overweight. The poor man was so unfit that he had difficulty getting up from the floor and was visibly huffing and puffing simply from the effort of getting up on his feet.

As I told the radio show, he was not the type of individual who would be hired by Sexton Executive Security, at least not in his current unhealthy state. How can one be expected to protect a client if they are in such poor health? having a big overweight guy like that for protection is all for show.

Thankfully, most clients these days realize that they need to hire personal protection agents for their professional abilities and not for the fact that they eat like Sumo wrestlers. Unfortunately, many in the entertainment industry still seem to prefer brawn over brain.