Do you want to be a (internationally trained) Bodyguard?

While we are on the theme of training, Sexton Executive Security would like to announce their International Training Program (ITP)to be held from 10/10 – 10/18/09. Executive Protection Training will take place on the ground in the following places over the course of the week; Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Jamaica.

This is a fantastic training opportunity for those looking to work international assignments. Not only will attendees be treated to top tier classroom tuition from highly experienced instructors, but they will get a chance to experience real-life scenarios in various cities and countries.

This is a truely unique experience. Most domestic training schools can only mention foreign assignments in their classroom lectures. At SEXTON, attendees will experience first hand what it feels like to work an assignment overseas. Best of all, they will experience this in at least three different countries.

Seats will be limited and those wishing to avail of this unique training experience should contact our office at once by e-mailing; A non refundable deposit of $650.00 will be necessary to book your place. All deposits need to reach us by 7/1/09.