New online sign-up for P.I., Executive Protection and Firearms Training

Sexton Executive Security is pleased to announce that applicants for any of our training programs; Defensive Tactics, Firearms, Private Investigator or Executive Protection/Personal Protection Specialist, can now apply directly online.

Our newly restructured website will allow applicants to register and pay for training courses, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.  In addition, we will soon have training manuals, e-books, unique SEXTON items (t-shirts, shooting caps, mag lights, etc) for sale via the new “shopping cart” feature of the site.

There will also be a section where employment opportunities, discounted training courses, overseas events, etc., will be posted.  Only SEXTON graduates will have access to this area, which is an added benefit of going through our highly acclaimed training academy.

If you wish to find out if you qualify for one of our training programs and to receive the rewards that membership in our exclusive graduate club offers, e-mail us at; and mention code; TR11.

Private Investigator Training – 2/26 – 3/4/11.

Have you ever considered a career as an investigator? If so, you may wish to avail of training that will allow you to become a State registered P.I.

The Sexton Executive Security Training Academy is certified by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and all graduates are eligible to become registered as Private Investigators upon successful completion of training.

During the 7 consecutive days of training which run from 8:30am until 5:30pm, attendees will learn; the court system from a County Magistrate, be involved in a practical exercise to assist a client in applying for a protective order, learn how to conduct courthouse and online database research, undercover disguises, how to conduct surveillance and counter-surveillance, how to interview and interrogate, how to start a P.I. business, ethics, rules and regulations, etc.

Once you have obtained your P.I. registration and have been issued with your State I.D., you are able to apply to work for any company you decide upon. As providers of P.I. and E.P. services, we hire our own graduates exclusively, but there are countless opportunities for investigators in many areas.

Federal, State and local authorities constantly recruit full time investigators for Inspector General positions, internal auditing as well as offering outsourced opportunities when conducting background checks, workman’s comp investigations etc.

Seating is strictly limited, so in order to secure your seat, contact our training division at;

Why a guaranteed passing grade is not a good thing

There is a conversation going on at the moment over on a LinkedIn security site. Since it may be of use to current and future Executive Protection Agents, I thought we would take a look at some of the points raised.

Firstly, I would like to say that if making security is a long-term career goal for you,then you should take the time to research “LinkedIn” as it could be instrumental in your choice of careers (not just security either – with 75 million members, I believe that all industries and fields are represented).

The question was asked last week regarding the failure rate versus passing rate of students undergoing Executive Protection training. If you are new to the field, you may not be aware of the various schools, their licensing, topics taught, scenarios delivered or employment opportunities available.

While nobody wants to fail a course, especially one that you have had to save up in order to attend, it takes away from the value of the certificate awarded if anybody off the street is allowed to pass the training, just because they paid their money.

We do not have reason to fail many students, since the great majority know what they want, have made the sacrifice to attend training and give their all over the 90 + hours of instruction. Every once in a great while though, someone comes along who for one reason or other, is not cut out for Executive Protection and we have to remove them from the training.

We do not let them continue as it is unfair on the other students who are being forced to slow down by this one person, or be otherwise distracted. When we make the decision, we calculate how much time is left and refund them the portion of the remainder of the course.

This is the ethical thing to do. Not only does their attendance interfere with the other students’ training, but by allowing someone to pass and graduate who does not fully grasp the requirements and seriousness of the job, that school is endangering all Agents and Clients who come in contact with that one problem Agent.

Unfortunately, most of us know of someone like this who was “rubber stamped” by some other training school because they either didn’t want to lose the revenue or were afraid of being sued if they turned someone away. Many of us went through training programs and were told that not every one would make the grade, yet all did, even the one(s) that everybody knew did not belong.

Some schools would have you believe that there is no need to fail people since they screen potential students so well. I say; Rubbish. I have seen students with no previous security experience (but plenty of life experience), who make first rate protectors. Screening them or someone else with 15 years of documented security experience, will tell you very little about that person.

The only way a school could be fairly certain whether a potential student would fit into a training program would be to submit them to a barage of tests – psychological and personality testing the likes of which Police candidates experience. I have never heard of a school doing that. Perhaps a proprietory training program would, but only for those they were interested in hiring.

Don’t be afraid to attend any school who are particular about who they train and pass. Embrace the fact that they don’t take their money in one door and send them out the other door with a certificate, whether they deserve it or not.

Students attending our Las Vegas bodyguard training to get a discount

When bodyguards think of “shooting” it is usually the type of shooting involving guns. Not in October in Las Vegas, however! The SEXTON Security Training Academy is working on having their upcoming Personal Protection Specialist Training program filmed for television.

As a result, we are giving all students attending our Nationally acclaimed training in Las Vegas from 10/3 to 10/9 a $350 discount to offset any inconvenience experienced during the shooting. Discounts are also available for our Veterans wishing to attend training.

Class size will be strictly limited to allow for extra room needed by cameras and crew. The intense training week will culminate on the eve of graduation with a gala dinner and the announcement of the top performer of the week being presented with the coveted Sexton “MVP” award.

For more information and to request a registration form to secure your seat in training, e-mail us at;

The added value of training

As I prepare the Executive Protection course manual for our upcoming E.P. training program in New York City, later this month, I’m reminded of a recent conversation with one of our graduates from the Las Vegas class last December.

The student had traveled from Oregon, where he is employed as a State Correction Officer. Our graduates come from varying backgrounds – sometime they are already employed on a full-time basis and may be exploring a career change or preparing for retirement.

Other times they are in need of employment, or may already be working in security, but looking to take their career to a higher level. This is a very intelligent strategy, since one can literally go from a position paying $14 or $15 an hour to one paying $25 – $35 an hour domestic ($50 – $70 an hour for overseas assignments).

This young officer contacted me last month to let me know that he had submitted the forms we helped them all to complete – the official government forms from the Department of Criminal Justice Services, which qualifies all of our graduates to become registered as official Personal Protection Specialists (PPS)by the Department.

What he said next should be of special interest to all of those considering taking our E.P. training and who ask; “will my State recognize the training”?

Apparently, Oregon thinks so highly of the Personal Protection Specialist training which is certified by DCJS, that graduating from our Las Vegas training course in December qualified him to receive a higher level pay grade and he has also been awarded a position of security manager.

This of course is all a huge bonus. When he completed our highly acclaimed 7 day training program, the young officer was elated to have gone through the intense course with his fellow colleagues and to have learned philosophies and strategies unknown to him before.

What will your State think of the PPS training? Probably quite a lot, as Oregon already does. The Commonwealth of Virginia regulates the security profession and holds it to a very high standard as evidenced by the establishment of a Government body such as the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is widely regarded as the leader when it comes to regulating private security. Other States who enforce strict regulatory control inlcude; California, Florida and Texas, to name but a few.

Attending a highly respected and proven E.P. training school and becomming registered as a VA PPS, is equivalent to attending an Ivy League collee like Harvard or Yale in the academic world.

That is one of the many advantages of training – taking your career to a higher level and getting on the “Fast Track”. Not only will you learn a wealth of information that will hold you in good stead throughout your career, but you’ll have an ivy league list of contacts that you can call upon for assistance and advice over the years.

Executive Protection training in Northern Virginia in April

It’s that time of the year again – Sexton Executive Security will be holding their highly acclaimed Personal Protection Training in Northern Virginia from April 11 to April 17, 2010.

This year, students will be able to train on our state of the art weapons simulation system and experience what it feels like for an aggressor to shoot back at them. The recent shooting of two police officers at the Pentagon was the type of scenario with which students will be presented.

On one hand, it is not possible to go around drawing a weapon everytime somone looks a little suspicious, but on the other hand, you can not afford to wait until it is too late and endanger the life of your Principal as a result of hesitating.

Many Police Departments (including MPD) and agencies such as the Air Marshalls are training with the simulator. Very few systems are available to the private sector and those who are fortunate enough to train on them will experience an elevated level of training not experienced previously.

Those who may not be aware of how Personal Protection Specialists protect their Principals, can view our video on the Executive Protection page of our website. Executive or Close Protection Agents are to corporations, celebrities, visiting dignataries what the Secret Service are to the White House.

For those who may be considering a career change, or who may find themselves unemployed as a result of closures and downsizing, your local authority may be able to assist with funding your training. Check with the ecomonic development offices in your county/city.

Act fast to get the discount for the PPS training class next month.

Sexton Executive Security will be holding the Spring PPS training program in Northern Virginia next month from 4/11 – 4/17/10.

Anyone wishing to avail of the $180.00 early registration discount, needs to register and pay in full by close of business on 3/11/10 (Thursday).

If you would like to take your training and employment opportunities to a higher level, this training may be just what you need. Since Sexton Executive Security is certified as an official training school by the Department of Criminal Justice Services, graduates will be eligible to become regsitered as Personal Protection Specialists.

Attendees will also be able to train on the new Weapons Simulation System. This state of the system utilizes lasers to activate real weapons. Students will receive added training in the following weapons; Glock (40 cal), TASER and OC.

To register now and receive the discount, or to register before training begins, e-mail us at; and request an electronic registration form.

Back from Training

I have been missing in action these past two weeks due to our intense training program.

We had 12 action packed days of entry level & advanced handgun training coupled with our highly acclaimed Personal Protection Specialist Course. I am glad to report that we had a first rate class of students. The youngest was in his mid 20′s and the most senior was a Police Officer who is retiring from service later this year.

I applaud these latest graduates for taking the stand and undergoing training in these tough times. Eventhough none of us (not even the smartest financial minds in the country) knows when this recession will subside, there can be no doubt that one day it will.

When that day arrives, clients will once again be willing to spend money and be less afraid of the future. E.P. agents need to be able to show current and professional training credentials when that day arrives.

Another reason to train now is due to a higher level of competition. With more and more qualified people out of work and chasing after fewer jobs, candidates need to do everything possible to give themselves the edge and to beat out the competition.

Speaking of qualifications, I saw something very unsusal today. I was looking over the qualifications of some people listed in a local executive protection association here in Virginia and noticed that one person who owned an E.P. business had actually no formal training or government issued credentials.

Those of you thinking of working for a security company or giving a training school your hard-earned dollars for training, MAKE SURE you check them out and find out what qualifcations THEY have. If they can not demonstrate years of experience and certified qualifications, then walk away and find someone who can.

India seeks outside help with Terrorists

This story from the Times of India regarding working with foreign security advisors was to be expected.

Many countries seek the assistance from outside companies who have more expertise in a certain field. We endorse India’s decision to get a grip on the situation to try and avoid trajedies like this in the future.

We ourselves have proposed to go over to India to teach our Executive Protection course to one of the largest security companies in India. It would seem that Executive Protection, especially for foreigners will be a growing industry with all of the problems that India faces.

Unfortunately, our offer was not accepted as the owner of this company believed he could not afford our professional training program. This is always a difficult concept for a security consultant to grasp – how people can view security as unaffordable. When it comes from a security business owner, it is all that much more perplexing.

However, it is not in our nature to give up easily. We will continue to keep negotiations open and hopefully one day soon we will be able to make an annoucement of a joint venture right here on The Bullet Proof Blog.