Celebrity’s Bodyguard Caught on Camera

Paparazzi seem to draw bodyguards to their cameras like moths to a light bulb.

This recent grapple caught on video was aired on the Fox News show in the “Kelly’s Court” segment. Megyn Kelly acted as the judge while two other lawyers debated whether the photographer had a chance of winning a civil suit

The celebrity, John Meyer, appeared to be exiting a restaurant with a friend when a photographer tried to take a picture. Although the clip was relatively short, it appeared as if Mr. Meyer’s E.P. agent went over the top in trying to block the photogapher from taking the picture.

From a professional E.P. point of view, the matter could have been handled with much decorum and expertise. Mr. Meyer should have been closely escorted to his vehicle and placed inside out of harm’s way. Since there only appeared to be one E.P. agent (who also doubled up as driver), when he went charging at the photographer, he left his Principal unprotected.

For some reason, many of the people employed to protect celebrities seem more preoccupied with making sure that pictures are not taken rather than ensuring the safety of their Principal. What makes it all the more ironic, is the fact that these celebrities are usually out in the public eye and therefore can not realistically expect total privacy.

If you are a Personal Protection Specialist and you find yourself in this position, remember two things. Firstly, always remember your duty to protect your Principal. If you are doing it alone, who will be looking after them when you are rolling around the floor with a photographer?

Secondly, remember that you can be sued civilly – and do not take that literally, there is nothing civil about it. You may or may not be prosecuted criminally, but if you lose a civil suit, it could mean that you’ll be spending the rest of your working life paying that photographer who is claiming neck injuires and all kinds of trauma.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is hardly worth ruining your career and life.

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  1. Chris Kaszak, PPS says:

    Good points John. I had the opportunity to see the video in which Ms. Lohan was assaulted in France by a spectator that doused her and her fur with flour. What caught my attention was the actions of what appeared to be her EP agent. He broke from his principal and pursued the assailant, leaving his principal unprotected to continue walking into the venue alone.

    This behavior displayed in France and what you point out in the Meyer incident appears to be the status quo in Hollywood.

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