Church killer stopped by private security officer

Yesterday’s deadly church shootings in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ended when a brave security officer used her concealed weapon to prevent the killer from taking any more lives.

Reports state that the security officer was one of three security officers working at the New Life Church service on Sunday where more than 7,000 people attended. She was the only armed officer. The Pastor, Brady Boyd, described the security officer as a hero who “probably saved over one hundred lives” by her quick thinking.

The Pastor himself deserves a lot of credit for his proactive measures. He increased his security team for yesterday’s service and ensured that at least one security officer was armed, following the shooting incident at a church in Arvada, about 70 miles away. As the Pastor said; “increasing security right after the Denver shooting saved hundreds of lives”.

This is a prime example of the capability of the private sector when it comes to assisting Law Enforcement. This cool-headed security officer showed incredible judgement and compsure in dealing with a deadly situation. There is no doubt that her prior training and dedication to duty was largely responsible for the way in which she acted.

Reports tell us that she fired one shot and hit the gunman first time after realizing that he had shot and possibly killed innocent church attendees. Although wounded, he was still intent on continuing his deadly spree as evidenced by the fact that he reached for a grenade. The officer then warned him to stop and keep his hands where she could see them. Obviously fearing for her life and the lives of others, she fired another round which killed the gunman.

Speaking as a former Law Enforcement Officer, this officer’s actions appear to be not only justified, but a text-book perfect example of how an experienced and highly competent Police Officer would have handled the situation under the same circumstances.

The public and the citizens of Colorado Springs in particular, should be proud and grateful to have security officers of this calibre protecting them.

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