Confusion on Captiol Hill

I would agree with Glen Thrush of, when he states that a series of false reports led to the closing down of the Capitol Hill area of Washington D.C. yesterday.

It would appear as if a passenger on the bus had observed an undercover or off-duty Police Officer’s service weapon and then reported “a man with a gun”. Whether or not that initial reporter blew it out of proportion, is unknown at this stage.

Apparently though, someone called in that the man had an M16 rifle. Of course that had Law Enforcement worried and hence the reason for the tactical response.

That is quite understandable – until they knew what they were dealing with, they did not take any chances. Had it been a crazed gunman with an M16 rifle, they would have been prepared.

It’s just a shame that the same sense of seriousness did not prevail in Amsterdam when a suspected terrorist was allowed to board a plane bound for Detroit AFTER purchasing a ticket for cash and NOT having any luggage.

Fortunately, there were brave passengers on board willing to repsond to the threat, but the bottom line is that they should not have had to take it upon themselves. Surely, anyone who is already suspected of terrorism should receive a full body scan and if there are still any doubts they should be strip searched. Full body cavity search? Sure, why not.

It seems that Scotland Yard are now working with U.S. authorities to learn more about the suspected bomber; Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, since he was a student at University College London.

The phrase; “Those who cannot learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it”, springs to mind.

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