Congratulations Harvard, but Keep an Eye Out for PETA!

Great news from The Harvard Gazette today, which informs us that a cancer vacine was successfully implanted into a mouse’s body where it wiped out a cancerous tumor.

It was great news for most people, especially cancer patients, but not everyone will welcome the news. PETA supporters will probably protest and make a nuisance of themselves at Harvard since the experimenting took place on lab mice.

As a provider of E.P. services we have protected many Pharma clients from animal rights activists over the years. Apparently they do not believe that humans have the right to experiment with saving other human lives.

I’d really like to know how a PETA supporter would feel about this latest development if they themselves were diagnosed with cancer.

I like animals as much as the next person, but if it’s a case of saving my life by testing a drug on a mouse – I’ll opt to sacrifice the mouse everytime.

I wonder what Walt Disney would have to say?

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