Danger in Dubai?

Those who come to Dubai could be forgiven for thinking that this is an Oasis in a peaceful desert. In reality though, they would do well to remember that this Oasis is located in the middle of a volatile region.

I came to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates a week ago to promote an International Executive Protection course that we are holding here later in the summer. While it is true that most citizens in the U.A.E. are law abiding, there is potential here for opportunists to turn that around. Anyone who spends anytime here, especially in the vicinity of Dubai, will see that it is an extremely wealthy area.

I was talking to an ex-pat business man last night at dinner and he made the comment that a friend of his could not get the attention of the Valets at a local club recently because he was “only driving a Porsche 911″. The valets were too busy finding premium parking spots for the Bentleys, Aston Martins and Ferraris. This is why Sexton Executive Security is opening an office in the U.A.E. We believe it is only a matter of time before cunning criminals realize how much money they could make from kidnappings, stealing luxury cars/chop shops and a host of other crimes.

Then yesterday morning something else happened. One of the Embassies released a terrorist alert warning for the U.A.E. Despite the fact that this is the Middle East, alerts like this are not common. Afteralll, this is a shopper’s paradise where vistors can spend thousands of dollars on a hotel suite for the night. Now we have begun to compile a list of Executive Protection Specialists with current passports who are available for International assignments.

Don’t let the bright lights fool you. This is not Kansas Dorothy. Keep your eyes open and like they used to say on Hill Street Blues; “let’s be careful out there.”

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  1. Jerry says:

    It always amazes me that the State Department or an embassy will only issue a warning when the danger appears immenent. They are usually the last to point out what should be obvious to those who pay attention.

  2. Kenneth Azurin says:

    I was having a debate with my brother the other night and he wouldn’t believe me when I told him that Dubai isn’t as safe as its 7-star tourist ratings deceive it to be. How realistic can this danger in Dubai really be? Is there anything else you know about this situation other than what you’ve laid out here? Thanks, and good entry.

  3. John Sexton says:


    I just returned from a few weeks in the Dubai area on business and it allowed me the time to read the local papers for articles pertaining to criminal incidents. I remember two violent cases in particular. One woman wrote in a “letters to the editor” that she had been attacked at 10am in the morning by a male assailant when going into her aprtment afer an early morning gym workout. She fought off the attacker and eventually was assisted by locals who heard her screams. Another article described an attack on an accountant by three males as he carried bags of money form a client’s business. I believe that the attackers made off with one bag which contained more than $20,000 dollars. People have to realize that crime does occur and take appropriate steps even if those involved in tourism and investment would rather not empasize the fact. For example, it would have been a relatively simple matter for this accountant to have hired a security officer or two to accompany him as he picked up the bags of cash and deposited them with the bank.

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