Death of "The Most Trusted Man in America".

I didn’t know that much about Walter Cronkite, but after the announcement of his death yesterday, I have come to envy him. The New York Times’ fitting tribute to “the most trusted man in America’ gives a glimpse of some of the highlights of his professional career.

It is not the fact that Mr. Cronkite is being praised as a first rate journalist and reporter that is so remarkable – it is the total absence of anything negative being said about him that seems so rare.

If we compare this news to the announcement of Michael Jackson’s untimely death two weeks ago, they are worlds apart. While Michael Jackson was highly regarded as a performer, he led a troubled and dramatic life.

What higher accolade could one wish for then to be regarded as the most trusted man in the Nation? What greater legacy could a father leave behind for his family? Whilst every politician would dearly love to be thought of in this way, which one in living memory could?

I hope there is a particular E.P. agent out there paying attention. We had an agent agree to work over the weekend and then the day before he was supposed to start, he changed his mind. Was it due to illness…family problems…did his engine blow up?

None of the above. He became upset that his fellow colleague received the directions to the asssignment before he did. The most incredible part – he is a former Marine who had served in Iraq.

A lesson for all of you considering a career in security – when you give your word, live up to it. Do it the right way – the Cronkite way. You may never be considered as the most trusted person in America, but I guarantee you’ll be considered for work every time an assignment comes in.

“And that’s the way it is”.

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