Detective pulls gun at snowball fight on the streets of D.C.

So it’s not World news…it is still causing a lot of commment in the D.C. area as evidenced by the article in the Washington City Paper.

I watched the various videos and read the witness reports on places like the Huffington Post and Washington Post and I have to say, it really does appear that the Police Detective jumped out of his vehicle to try and catch or lecture whomever threw snowballs at his Hummer.

I have heard that there was a report of someone having seen a male with a gun during the snowfight – prior to the detective’s arrival. If that was the case and if the detective did respond to that, then that would make a difference in how he handled himself.

Speaking as a former Police Officer, Police Detective AND snowball thrower, the detective in question did not appear to be responding to such a call. Not once did he mention it or question witnesses to determine if anyone had seen a male (other than himself) with a gun.

It does appear however, that he lost his cool, jumped out of his vehicle and pulled his weapon. He will have to answer why he found it necessary to pull his gun at that point in time. It didn’t appear neccessary or the right call to me…but then again, I have the benefit of Monday morning quaterbacking this from my keyboard.

From a personal safety point of view, his actions were poorly orchestrated. At no point in time did he appear to be anything other than a male with a gun. He was dressed in plain clothes, drove a Hummer (which looked nothing like a typical unmarked Police car)and did not identify himself as a Police Officer when he drew his weapon.

The uniformed officer onscene who attempted to calm the crowd acted very professional and seemed to keep the situation from escalating. This goes to show the need to keep one’s cool during a dangerous or volatile situation and the importance of proper communication.

It’s very difficult to watch your back once “tunnel vision” syndrome has set in and your heart is racing. This applies the same to Executive Protection agents as it does for the Police Officer on the street.

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