Disgraced Illinois Governor to appear on Donald Trump’s "Celebrity Apprentice"

Rod Blagojevich, the former Illinois Governor who was removed from office last January, is to appear on Donald Trump’s show; “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Not one to shun the spotlight, Blagojevich attempted to appear on another celebrity show last year but was barred from doing so when a Federal Ruling went against him as it would have involved his traveling overseas to Costa Rica.

Celebrity Apprentice is based on how much money teams and individuals are able to raise for charity. In the past, it involved well known boxers, singers, actors, models and sports people who would leverage their wealthy contacts in oder to bring in the most money.

It will be interesting this time around to see just how “Blago” will go about bringing in the “moolah”. Some people are betting that he will start calling in favors. Hopefully the show will allow the viewers to listen in on this part as they have in the past.

Maybe viewers will be treated to hearing the former Governor on the horn to “associates” with names like “Tony two fingers” or “Joey the Greek”….”yo Tony….remember that permit I fixed for ya? well I need a little favor…yeah, the usual…small bills in a brown bag”.

Not everyone is happy with the idea of the former Governor appearing on television though. Illinois Senator, Dave Syverson sent a letter to Donald Trump saying; “Illinois lawmakers already told Mr. Blagojevich; “You’re Fired”, he doesn’t need to hear it from Mr. Trump”.

Whatever the feelings of the voters in Chicago, Donald Trump had better get this series in the can, or can the ex-Governor quickly. Blagojevich’s trial is set for 6/3/2010. It would make for very interesting television if the Feds were to march on set and slap a pair of Government “bracelets” on the disgraced Governor.

Donald Trump is a very shrewd businessman and the thought has most likely crossed his mind. Maybe that’s what he’s hoping for? The show’s ratings would most assuredly shoot through the roof.

If anyone can pull it off, no doubt “The Donald” can.

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