Do Bodyguards Scare "Friendly" People?

We are seeing a lot being written following the recent tragic events in Tuscon. An article in The Atlantic makes some statements which are bound to raise many eyebrows from those working within the private sector.

In the piece titled; “How to protect members of Congress”,the writer states that it would be better to use local Police instead of bodyguards, since the Police won’t intimidate “friendly” people from attending the event (and bodyguards would?).

After making comments and an argument for using Law Enforcement, the article then becomes self-contradictory by stating that many Law Enforcement Agencies (including the U.S. Secret Service) do not have the available resources to assign officers/agents to protective duties for everyone who may ask for it.

The article does however, raise some good points and provide relevant information. One example is a quote from Gavin de Becker regarding the benefits of keeping the general public back from the speaker, which allows the protectors adequate time to spot a potential problem person.

My favorite “bad choice” from the article has to be regarding the fact that Police will be able to spot someone approaching with bad intentions. The writer could do well to spend a few days visiting some E.P. training schools in the country in order to get an idea of how E.P. Agents are trained.

I think the writers should receive some feed back from our profession. They don’t seem to have done their homework in their rush to get out this topical article. The floor is all yours, ladies and gentlemen. I think it time to shed some light.

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  1. global security consultants says:

    Most assume unfortunately that police are trained and the key to all problems. They are trained to be reactive meaning if a crime is committed the act on it. Ep specialist if trained properly are looking to act before it happens. Our profession needs more respect

  2. Thanks a lot Jerry. It’s taken a lot of hard work and sacrifices to be here today, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Hope you guys are all well out West!

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