Doing Business in Afghanistan….Bring a Bodyguard

As if security was not already a big enough concern in Afghanistan, a new document has surfaced that could make doing any kind of business in Afghanistan that much more dangerous and potentially lethal.

A report from TVNZ discusses the disturbing new information coming to light.

The document which was discovered in July, contains a directive issued by an Al Qaeda advisor; Mustafa Hamid. In the directive, Hamid calls on the Taliban to start kidnapping foreigners as well as foreign military personnel.

This new kidnapping blitz is believed to be a tactic to force foreign Governments, in particular the U.S., to release terrorists in a type of “prisoner exchange” program. This idea is no doubt fashioned after the type of prisoner exchange operating between Palestine and Israel.

The bottom line is; if you are fortunate enough to have landed a Govt. contract or are planning on visiting Afghanistan as part of a private initiative, think long and hard about your personal security.

Proactive measures are ALWAYS more effective than reactive ones. Effective in every way – from a P.R. point of view, to a financial one – it will be many, many times cheaper to pay a professional Personal Protection Specialist to protect you for a week or two whilst in a dangerous city or country than it will be to negotiate a ransom, which may start in the millions of dollars.

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