Don’t Blow that First Impression

Unless you are a “one person” operation, an employee is likely to be the first contact that a client, or would-be client has with your company.

The question you then have to ask yourself is; “Are my employees making the right “first impression”? I was inspired to write this today, after visiting a Starbucks for my morning fix.

The girl taking my order did not even try to lower her voice as she informed her colleague; “that woman must have been stupid or on drugs”. If you are a business owner with employees, that should make you cringe.

What makes it worse in my view, is that it happened in a Starbucks. Say what you want about over-priced coffee, but customers and caffein addicts alike can usually expect a first-class service from those who don the green apron.

I was tempted to ask the psychchiatrist masquearding as an order taker if she had considered a third or fourth option. Perhaps the customer was hard of hearing, or maybe English was not their first language. I think that visitors and foreigners should also be allowed to drink coffee.

Do you REALLY know how your employees behave when you are not around? Maybe you should consider hiring an investigative firm to conduct an undercover review of your place and those working there.

Ever heard; “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”? We are experienced in catching “mice” for cat clients.

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  1. Sasha says:

    I had a similar experience in a Starbucks, but the comment came from an assistant manager.

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