Drivers who text may become more dangerous

I was never one to go along with the argument that driving while talking on one’s mobile phone or texting was a constituional right under Free Speech.

That is not to say that I have never driven and talked on the phone at the same time. One thing that I do not do however, is to text and drive. That is pure idiotic and I don’t need a law to tell me not to do it.

Common sense should prevail, but unfortunately, common sense does not seem to be all that commmon. I was listening to the car radio while driving back from an Executive Board meeting in Virginia Beach of our State Association; PISA, today.

The news story was about States which have outlawed texting and the fact that drivers would drive more dangerously now as they would still continue to text and drive, they would just do it looking down at their lap instead of at the steering wheel.

I hope the Police are listening (and reading TheBulletProofBlog)so that they can detect those who attempt to drive while hiding their phones in their lap. It is frightening to think of the injuries that these reckless drivers are capable of inflicting on innocent road users – pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers, by their selfish actions.

If your text message is that important to you, there is a simple solution; pull over to a safe location and deal with it. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

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