Erin Andrews seeks support on Capitol Hill for Stalking Bill.

ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews visited Democratic and Republican members of Congress and the Senate yesterday to speak out in favor of new Anti-Stalking legislation.

Ms. Andrews, herself a victim of stalking, was “putting a face” to the horrific crime which victimizes thousands of women a year. Although men can also be stalked, the crime is more prevalent amongst women. It is estimated that 1 in every 12 women will fall prey to a stalker.

As a security firm providing Executive Protection services, Sexton Executive Security is well aware of the damaging effects that stalking can have on a victim. Once independent, successful and outgoing people can become virtual recluses, not wishing to venture from their door step.

As Ms. Andrews rightfully pointed out, it is not just celebrities who are stalked by distrubed individuals. The majority of vitims are normal, every day regular citizens who happen to come under notice by someone with deviant desires and preoccupations.

One of our clients was stalked after a mentally disturbed individual observed her in a coffee shop, on her way into work one morning. In his mind, they “connected”. In reality, she never even noticed him. One of the tools we utilized to determine how dangerous a threat he may be, was to have an expert study his handwriting.

This led to some incredible revelations. Firstly, the expert was able to determine that the stalker was jealous of the victim’s husband. When he wrote her surname (and therefore, her married name)the ink became heavier, which meant that he was angry.

The most disturbing discovery however, was the fact that the handwriting expert determined that the stalker was capable of violent acts and should he strike (most likely the husband), he would probably want to get up close and personal and would most likely use a knife.

Stalking is serious and should never be taken lightly. When you work stalking cases, you get to see inside a sick person’s mind and it bears little resemblance to the world in which most of us inhabit on a daily basis.

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