Ever Had a "Principal" Pull a Knife on You?

Personally, it has never happened to me. Then again, I have never picked-up a client outside an AA meeting.

The Post and Courier ran this story about a “Bodyguard” in Charleston who was “protecting” a client attending an Alcoholics Annonymous meeting.

At some stage during the meeting, the “client” became dissatisfied with the “bodyguard” and produced a knife wrapped in a rag from his waist band.

What did the poor protector do to infuriate the client so? Perhaps he didn’t stay within arm’s length of him…maybe he allowed paparazzi to breach the inner circle. I’m thinking he probably caught him knocking back a swig of rotgut out of a hip flask at the back of the room and failed to share.

Surely the motto here has to be; If a potential client approaches you with a knife wrapped in cloth in the waistband of his trousers…..do not enter into a contract.

Clients; you might want to think twice about hiring a homeless person on the street to be your “bodyguard’.

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