An example of why we must constantly educate clients about Personal Protection

The New York Times ran an article today on Floyd Landis, the Tour de France cyclist who was stripped of his title in 2006, for doping.

According to the article, Landis showed up at the Tour of California “flanked by private security guards wearing bulletproof vests and carrying guns and night sticks”.

If the entourage appeared as the Times describes, then Floyd Landis is in serious need of professional advice when it comes to hiring Executive Protection. Anybody in the Executive Security field who reads this article will have the same thought; “What was he thinking?”

One can only assume that Mr. landis believes that he is in danger and indeed, he may be in some danger. There is the possibility that he has fans out there who were mad at him for taking an illegal substance and by so doing, bringing shame on the profession and to his country.

Hiring obvious security persons carrying guns overtly (sounds like they probably didn’t have concealed weapons permits)gives the wrong impression. If that was all he did, most of us would probably cut him some slack for not knowing better to hire professionals with concealed weapons (if weapons were even necessary).

Having his security detail carrying night sticks however, is unforgivable. Mr. Landis should hire a security consultant to review his needs and to assist him in hiring E.P. professionals. His image has taken enough hits due to bad decisions, he should be now focused on appearing more professional.

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  1. Elijah says:

    Great points. I can only hope that this was an exaggeration on the author of the story's part. However with that said, i've seen several instances like this when someone else tries to intrepid a VIP's request and just goes way overboard.

    Elijah Shaw, CEO
    Icon Services Corporation

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